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Professional Products. Find Out New Hair Extensions. Tape System, Keratin System and Micro Beads Hair Extensions. Siutse Hair Salon brings to you a beautiful collection of Hair Extensions available to fit an incredible look!. Visut our Hair Salon in Cral Gables. Miami.

Hair Extensions Miami


Hair extensions are very popular because you can wear long hair without anyone telling you that you are wearing hair extensions and without waiting months to see it grow out!. Wellcome to Siutse Hair Extensions Salon in Miami, we are located at Coral Gables, with our Full Service Hair Salon, Specialized in Hair Extensions.

Hair Salon Miami!


Discover New Hairstyle Trends.We are a Full Service Hair Salon located in Miami, at Coral Gables. We have a group of Hairstylists with over 12 years experience so we are able to bring you New Hairstyle Trends and to cut and blend your hair extensions with a professional style giving you the most natural and undetectable finish.





Finding a Hair Beauty Salon Coral Gables

Help Finding a Hair Beauty Salon Coral Gables?

Siutse is a Beauty Parlor with a selected group of Professionals which are ready to help you with your Hair needs.

Our Stylists have the experience and the knowledge which let them to offer you a variety of services of high quality concerning your hair care.

Beautiful haircuts, which will enhance your beauty, thanks to a fashionable hairstyle, using the best techniques, to obtain optimal results.

Please, contact us , our specialists are ready to help you .

Siutse is located in Coral Gables with its modern Beauty salon, where you will find a pleasant atmosphere, and a group of experienced

Hair Salon Coral Gables.


Help Finding a Beauty Parlor .

A Hair Salon is the perfect space for your head to get the perfect and most updated hairstyle in Miami.

With a wide variety, with a large population, with mild winters and hot, dry summers, the men and women of the beauty parlor are experts, very specialized, working in Beauty hair salons .

Miami is a big city and there are many Beauty salons to choose between a wide variety of Hair Salons , from when needing some beautification, man and women of Miami must match a hair salon carefully, with what services they want to apply to their hair.

A Beauty hair salon must be able to satisfy to a diverse cultural populace, being able to do a professional job with a wide variety of skin tones, hair textures, and body types.

At the same time, there are several Hair Salons that know the trends for different groups of people that only offer specific services. This type of Coral Gables beauty parlor will do dynamite work with someone of any age, from any group, and can offer hair services such as haircuts, colorations, perms, and hairstyles from clients’ hairstyles.

If you are looking for a great hair Beauty salon Coral Gables and you wish to have a manicure done along with a haircut, myou must be sure that the salon of your choice is able to do both for you, unless you don’t mind salon hopping.

Some hair salons do much more than hair and dub themselves full-service salons. You must consider that Full-service salons can pamper you with haircuts, hair color, hair color correction, perms, reconditioning, permanent makeup, tanning, manicures, and pedicures.

Hair Salon Coral Gables & Beauty Salon Coral Gables

A beauty parlor is the perfect space to get any of these services done.

You may come across a hair salon that is referred to as a day spa. These hair salons give you services that can be accomplished with just a bit of time, in the middle of the day.

A variety of Massages, facials, haircuts and hairstyles are the principal services of the beauty parlor day spa.

Some more specialized Hair Salons, can be found in this great city Miami, too. At this time we aer going to speak about those salons that specialize in the application and use of special hair treatments to correct a variety of hair issues, including coloring disasters and treating brittle, dry, broken hair.

You must consider that these salons are great to get more intense help for hair problems.

Another great type of hair salons is one that are specialized in other things such as : hair extensions and artificial hair pieces.

The professionals and specialists that work in this type of hair salon not only must to be experts with a steady hand and to have a lot of patience, but they are also required to be experts in color , matching the selectioned artificial hairs color exactly to the colors of the natural hairs color.

Hair Salon Coral Gables & Beauty Salon Coral Gables

If you are not sure where to look or how to start to find the perfect hair salon for you, call some local establishments to have a professional which will offer to you a consultation to talk to you more about what they can do to help you with your needs.

Discovering the many types of services available in the market and making sure you will choose the right place to get a new look is tons of fun when it comes to choosing a hair salon style!

Beauty parlor

If you are looking for a Hair salon please Contact Siutse Beauty Hair Salon:

Miami: 210 Aragón Av.Coral Gables 33134 Fl ,

(305) 456-2989

Email: miami@siutse.com

Beauty Salon Coral Gables

Hair Salon Coral Gables & Beauty Salon Coral Gables

Beauty parlor, more…

Siutse Hair Beauty Salon in Coral Gables, is a full Service Hair Salon located in Coral Gables, with a team of professionals specialists to provide the best services and cares to your hair.


Selecting a hair care service is one of the most important things for a confident person. No matter what the origin, age or culture, everyone wants to look fabulous and the best way to do it is to have a great hairstyle.

This means that you should choose a salon that has the potential to provide services beyond your expectations to be happy after the salon visit. Only an experienced hairdresser in Miami can offer and meet your expectations in the best way. What, therefore, are the components of a good Beauty Parlor salon?

What does Experience tell us? Experience indicates that professional stylists are not in the field where they can enter other areas of interest. We understand that they give their best and are dedicated to the race. It is well known that Through years of experience, you can be sure of getting the best hair, cut, style and color treatments from these experts.

One important point to consider is Continuous Training: All Beauty Parlor professional salon owners know the changing nature of the fashion world and the same is true in terms of hairstyles. For this reason, she will organize regular training for her stylists to keep them updated with the latest hair services and techniques. Regular in-house training may be a must for each classroom, as well as experts can also receive training outside the classroom.

Offer a wide range of services: An excellent Hair salon will surely offer a wide range of services to satisfy all the demands of its clients. In addition to a haircut, coloring and styling, other services that a hairdresser can offer include hair treatments, hair extensions, waxing, pedicures, manicures and even spas, among other services. The more services you get under one roof, the more affordable it will be for you in terms of time and money.

Hair Salon Coral Gables & Beauty Parlor Salon Coral Gables

Equipment and products of quality guarantee: customer satisfaction must be the most important factor for a hairdresser. This means investing in the best quality hair care products and equipment. Using the best quality products, it is very easy for stylists to offer the best results without any damage. Actually, you should enjoy the tips on which hair products are best for your hair type.

You must have an adequate number of employees: it is well known that the worst experience you can have in a hair salon is waiting in a long line because the salon does not have enough stylists. Keep in mind that a good beauty salon Coral Gables always cares about its clients and will therefore continue to increase its client base by hiring more professionals in the salon.

If you are looking for a Beauty Parlor please Contact Siutse Hair Beauty Salon:

210 Aragón Av.Coral Gables 33134 Fl ,

(305) 456-2989

Email: miami@siutse.com

Hair Salon Coral Gables,Beauty Salon Coral Gables and Hair Stylists. Siutse Beauty Salon . The best Beauty salon for your Hair with
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and Stylist in Coral Gables Florida. If you are searching for a Beauty Salon and Hair Studio Stylists located in Coral Gables, you can tell: Siutse
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Hair Salon Coral Gables, Beauty Salon Coral Gables and Hair Studio Stylists by Siutse
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Location in Miami Florida

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Miami Florida
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Hair Studio Salon Coral Gables & Beauty Parlour Salon Coral Gables

Salon Hours

Tuesday to Saturday from 10:30 to 6:00

Beauty Parlor Salon Coral Gables

Beauty Salon Coral Gables & Hair Studio Salon Coral Gables

Coral Gables is a city located in Miami-Dade County, Florida, United States. In the 2010 Census it had a population of 46,780 inhabitants and a population density of 484.02 people per km².2


Due to its remoteness from the fresh waters of Biscayne Bay, no important archaeological remains have been found at this place from the Tequesta or other towns that inhabited the Miami area before the 20th century.

Among the many ranchers who bought parcels of up to 65 hectares in the area, William Harrison Gregory and Sarah Louise Gregory acquired their land in 1893. They deforested part of their plot to build a house and grow guavas.

In 1899, Solomon G. Merrick, a Congregational church minister purchased the Gregory property for $ 1,100. Merrick, who lived in Massachusetts, wanted to change the weather and settled down with his wife and five children to start a farm. In 1906 they moved from their wooden house to live in a limestone house, named Coral Gables after the material used and Gray Gables, the summer house of former President Grover Cleveland in Massachusetts.

Soon they began to grow all kinds of citrus (especially grapefruits or grapefruits) and its plantation became one of the most important in the area. The labor and experience was provided by numerous Bahamian braceros, who knew how to grow fruits in the climate. There Plantation fruits were sold in Miami and other Florida locations.

In 1911 George Merrick inherited his father’s plantation and began expanding the business. Ten years later the plantation exceeded 1,200 hectares of land.

George Merrick’s real estate empire

In 1914, George Merrick became a politician, becoming a Dade County (later Miami-Dade) Councilor and taking an interest in property sales. He started promoting homes near the bay and showed a talent as a seller and developer.

But the dream of this visionary was to build a Mediterranean city. Aided by various architects and influenced by the urban design movement of Pretty Cities, he began to design a Mediterranean villa. Taking the name of most of the streets from a Spanish encyclopedic dictionary, he named them the main arteries of his future city with names such as Granada, Alhambra, Segovia and Valencia. King Alfonso XIII of Spain would later award him the medal of the Order of Isabel la Católica for emulating his nation.

In addition to the names, Merrick wanted to give a special touch to numerous squares and entrances, building monuments such as fountains, doors (in four special entrances) and walks in the Spanish style. Thanks to the first sales, Merrick hired a legion of 3,000 vendors selling the plots (generally 1,200 or 600 m²).

The old limestone quarry that provided the building materials for the city was converted into a Venetian-style pool: Venetian Pool. Thousands of shoppers and interested people were trammed from Miami on the Coral Way daily and heard a vendor (usually politician and former preacher William Jennings Bryan) talk about the city’s goodies.

“You can wake up in the morning and tell the biggest lie you can think of about the future of Coral Gables, and before you go to bed at night you will be embarrassed by your modesty,” said Bryan, a former US presidential candidate. USA

Hair Studio Salon Coral Gables & Beauty Salon Coral Gables

After the first sales of 1921, Merrick dedicated 100 million dollars to urbanize his municipality. At the height of the boom, in 1925, Merrick had a volume of $ 100 million. Coral Gables became a township in April of that year, and Merrick’s chief sales officer, Edward E. “Doc” Dammers, became the township’s first mayor.

In the summer of 1925 the Miami News newspaper ran a 504-page copy, most of them real estate ads. Merrick finalized plans for the University of Miami, which was just being built within Coral Gables with land donated by him. The Biltmore Hotel, with 275 deluxe rooms, was completed in late 1925.

Free fall: the 1926 hurricane

In 1926 the sales volume and price increase of the previous year were not maintained. Just as Merrick invested more in the promotion, a hurricane devastated the area in September of that year. Merrick never recovered from his debts. In 1928 he lost the election of municipal councilor in the city he designed. In 1929, the Coral Gables Township and the Biltmore Hotel filed for bankruptcy. The University of Miami, which opened its doors weeks after the destructive passage of the hurricane in 1926, was on the verge of closing them for several years.

Coral Gables entered the Great Depression with 5,697 inhabitants in 1930 and a municipal debt that could not be paid off until 25 years later. In the late 1930s Merrick resold property in Coral Gables but was never able to pay off his debts. He died in debt as the postal chief of Dade County in 1942, at the age of 55. Throughout the year of 1932, the municipality of Coral Gables barely issued four building permits. Seven years earlier, the volume of permits had generated more than $ 25 million for municipal coffers.

In 1939, the owners of the Key Biscayne Islet (annexed by Coral Gables without consulting its residents) ceded the land to Dade County. Coral Gables Township lost the lawsuit and Key Biscayne, according to the 1948 Florida Supreme Court ruling.

Hair Studio Salon Coral Gables & Beauty Salon Coral Gables


World War II provided a respite to the area of ​​South Florida where thousands of soldiers were trained. The Biltmore Hotel was converted into an Army hospital, and several University of Miami grounds and buildings were temporarily ceded for military purposes.

In the late 1940s, thousands of veterans were taking classes at the University of Miami, and numerous businesses were created on Coral Way, the commercial strip of which was named Miracle Way. In 10 years the population doubled (from 8,294 in 1940 to 19,837 in 1950), something that would happen again between 1950 and 1970, when the municipality had 42,494 inhabitants.

The municipality was chosen as a residence by numerous Cuban upper class families who emigrated from the island in 1959 after the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, originated by Fidel Castro. Currently almost 47 percent of Coral Gables’ population is of Hispanic origin.

After many years in which it was empty, the Biltmore Hotel reopened as a hospitality center in 1987. In September 2002, the Merrick Park Mall opened its doors. Its 71,000 m² are mainly occupied by luxury goods stores.


Coral Gables is located at coordinates 25 ° 40′43 ″ N 80 ° 15′26 ″ W. According to the United States Census Bureau, Coral Gables has a total area of ​​96.65 km², of which 33.46 km² corresponds to dry land and (65.38%) 63.19 km² is water.


Coral Gables is a city populated mainly by the upper-middle and upper-class, and is known for its restaurants, art galleries, and specialty shops.

According to a calculation by the US Census Bureau. In the US, the median income of a home is over $ 128,288. The income per capita of the municipality are of 51,624 dollars. The median cadastral value of the properties is $ 710,000. More than 50 percent of Coral Gables residents have a higher degree, and 25 percent a postgraduate or doctorate.


According to the 2010.4 census there were 46,780 people residing in Coral Gables. The population density was 484.02 inhabitants / km². Of the 46,780 inhabitants, Coral Gables was made up of 91% white, 2.99% were African-American, 0.1% were Amerindian, 2.75% were Asian, 0.02% were Pacific Islanders, 1.39% were from other races, and 1.76% belonged to two or more races. Of the total population, 54.8% were Hispanic or Latino of any race.


The University of Miami is located in Coral Gables. Additionally, the Miami-Dade Public Library system has two libraries: the Coral Gables Library and the West Flagler Library.6

Miami-Dade County Public Schools manages public schools:

Coral Gables Preparatory Academy (formerly Coral Gables Elementary School)
Coral Gables High School

Source: Wikipedia


Article: Beauty Parlor

A Beauty Parlor, also called a beauty center, institute of beauty or aesthetics, is an establishment in which all kinds of services related to beauty and image care are provided, performed by beauticians, such as skin care , hairdressing, hand, foot and nail care, facial aesthetics or waxing, among others.

Beauty Parlors can offer various services or be specialized centers.

Beauty Parlor

What are Beauty Parlors

A Beauty Parlor is known as a commercial establishment that offers different services oriented towards hygiene and the arrangement or beautification of both Scalp and skin, hands and feet.

Generally, Beauty Parlors are attended by expert and qualified personnel, known as beauticians. It is also common for these establishments to offer different quality products for sale for professional use.

In some places the name of Beauty Parlor or aesthetics is given interchangeably, but in other parts the Beauty Parlor is only a hairdresser for women, and instead the aesthetics can be unisex.

The name of aesthetics is also given to establishments in which the range of services is very wide and of high quality, and where, in addition, the treatment given to customers can be of absolute privacy.

Since ancient times, importance has been given to the way of wearing the hairstyle and in general to personal grooming.

The concept of Beauty Parlor has its beginnings in ancient Greece and it was the wealthiest people who came to receive treatments and services to enhance their beauty.

At that time, fats of animal origin, mixtures of flowers and herbs, etc., were already used for the production of creams, make-up and other cosmetics.

The concept of the Beauty Parlor that we have today is due to the Canadian Martha Matilde Harper, who between the late 19th and early 20th centuries also created the concept of what is now known as franchises.

Currently in a beauty or aesthetic Salons the services offered can be very varied.

Among the most noteworthy are haircuts, application of dyes, highlights, highlights, curling, straightening, treatments or masks.

Regarding skin treatments, different types of masks are offered, such as moisturizing, rejuvenating, anti-acne, exfoliating, etc.

It is also possible to receive massages of various types, waxing with different techniques, tanning either in a tanning bed or with an aerosol.

In Beauty Parlors different types of hairstyles, makeup and arrangements are made depending on the occasion.

Nowadays, when it comes to brides, it is very common that wedding packages are offered in which the aesthetic staff even go to the home to fix the bride and her closest relatives.

Usually, to go to the Beauty Parlor to receive any type of service, an appointment is required, since each of the services and treatments requires a certain time, both for the preparation of the facilities and products and for the application of the themselves.

Source: in feminine


First, in ancient Egypt, physical appearance was taken care of a lot but there was no specific place to practice its activities such as: milk baths, skin exfoliations, makeup on the face, manicures, haircuts, among other things. most symbolic of the time.

It was not until Ancient Greece that Beauty Parlors began to have a place in society, where only the most select heads were combed. This began from the birth of artistic expressions and the vanity acquired thanks to which they began to use animal fat and mixtures of herbs that they collected to create creams and makeup that were exclusive to the upper class to beautify themselves a little more, giving a guideline to all kinds of solutions, hairstyles, jewelry, clothing, etc.

The modern concept of the female Beauty Parlor was developed by a Canadian, Martha Matilde Harper (1857-1950), who somehow also invented the current concept of franchises in business.


Personal care was something very symbolic that was taken up again in the Renaissance, where the hairstyles of the Greeks, for example, were imitated again using braids and perfect bows as well as crowns and jewels; The difference was that these elements could be used by all of society and not only by those who had a high rank, such as the use of lotions and perfumes that due to the poor cleaning that were had at that time were used to hide the lack of hygiene staff and bad smells.


At this stage, the Court gives great importance to parties and beauty, but at the same time they neglected the State a lot to allow themselves these luxuries. Many jewels and accessories were used that reached the extravagant.

Both women and men took great care of their hairstyle and clothing, to the point of having to endure rigid fabrics or hairstyles and shoes that hurt and could harm people’s health just by keeping up with fashion.

XIX century

With the French Revolution and the Industrial Revolution, simplicity was established as a line to follow in all senses, no longer using fancy wigs and beads. Hygienic measures increased and new professions emerged, including hairdressing.

The hairdressers worked mainly at home in the case of the women of the bourgeoisie; men on the other hand continued to go to the barber to cut them.

Source: Wikipedia

Learn about the beauty treatments performed in spa salons

From skin treatments to makeup, these are some of the services that a Beauty Parlor offers.

At present we usually find Beauty Parlors in different streets of the city that offer a wide variety of cosmetic treatments and services, some of them are specialized in skin care and others in haircuts.

Within this sanctuary of beauty there are specialists dedicated to the world of style, fashion and trends whose purpose is to beautify the people who come to these establishments.

To carry out this work, they use products for scalp, skin, hands, among others, many of these offer a wide variety of services in order to attract a larger number of customers.

The treatments that are usually performed range from hairstyles, makeup, haircuts, manicures, pedicures, among others, since these will depend on the specialty offered by the establishment.

Some of these establishments perform skin treatments such as masks, hydration, exfoliation, waxing, tanning and more, where in most cases they are under the supervision of specialists in cosmetology.

In this place you will also find stylists and hairdressers who will be in charge of advising you and making the change of look you want; as well as makeup artists who know about the latest fashion trends.

You should know that there are salons that attend you by appointment, while others have free access to the public, for this it is best that you find out the type of attention they offer.

Find your best option and get the treatment you want.

Source: Wapa

What is the customer looking for?

When a person acquires a product or a treatment in your Beauty Parlor, they are actually buying emotions.

If we all have five senses, cause your consumers to experiment with each of them. How? We will tell you about it in today’s post!

1 – The first and most valuable advice of all is to know the needs of your client

It is essential to establish empathy with all the people who choose your establishment to take care of their appearance.

You must “put yourself in the shoes” of each of these people and understand what they really want and need.

When you achieve this very subtle communication with clients, you will know exactly how to anticipate wishes, trends and surprise.

In the end, everyone likes to be a little spoiled!

2 – Experience all the treatments and products that you offer in your aesthetic center

Sit in the treatment chairs, lie down on the beauty treatment tables.

Apply that new moisturizer that arrived yesterday and be the first to test the new equipment.

Knowing these details is very important for making decisions and making improvements.

Maybe that beautiful chair is super uncomfortable. That shampoo can irritate the scalp of the most sensitive.

The magazines in your waiting room are from 2010. The new light in the massage booth annoys customers’ eyes.

Realizing these small factors is more than relevant to improve our services.

3 – Train your professionals to treat clients with great affection.

That’s! A good professional is not only one who performs a good service, but one who manages to do their job and at the same time leave the client safe and happy.

There is nothing more embarrassing than going to a Beauty Parlor and not feeling welcome. Talk to the professionals frequently, observe the way they treat people inside and outside the booths and, most importantly, set an example of how you like customers to be served.

4 – Turn your Beauty Parlor into the most welcoming place in the world!

Candles, incense and good music in discreet volume never fail (neither for a romantic evening, nor to create a pleasant atmosphere for your clients).

Decorate your Beauty Parlor according to your personality; you don’t need a lot of money to do it.

Recycle old furniture, place natural flowers, give a vintage air to the place.

Offering a snack or something to drink is also guaranteed success.

In winter you can offer a hot chocolate while in summer a fresh juice is not bad at all.

Source: Flowww

Help find a great Beauty Parlour in Coral Gables.

A Coral Gables Beauty Parlour is the perfect place to head for America’s best and most up-to-date hairstyle. With a diverse and large population, mild winters and hot, dry summers, the men and women of Coral Gables barbers are experts and work in salons throughout Sacramento. With such a large city and so many salons to choose from when they need some beautification, the people of Coral Gables must carefully match a Beauty Parlour with the services they want provided.

A Beauty Parlour in Coral Gables must be able to cater to a diverse cultural population, being able to do a great job with all types of skin tones, hair textures, and body types. At the same time, there are several places that know the trends for different groups of people who only offer specific services. This type of Coral Gables hairdresser will do dynamite work with anyone of any age, from any group, and can offer hairdressing services like haircuts, coloring, perms, and styling clients’ hairstyles.

If you’re looking for a great Coral Gables Beauty Parlour and want to get a manicure done along with a haircut, make sure your salon of choice can do both for you, unless you don’t mind going from salon to salon. Some Beauty Parlours in Coral Gables do much more than just hair and call themselves full-service salons. Full-service salons can pamper you with haircuts, hair color, hair color correction, perms, reconditioning, permanent makeup, tanning, manicures, and pedicures. A Coral Gables Beauty Parlour is the perfect place to perform any of these services.

You may come across a Beauty Parlour in Coral Gables that is known as a day spa. These beauty salons perform services that can be performed with just a little time, in the middle of the day. Massages, facials, haircuts and hairstyles are the main features of the Coral Gables Beauty Parlour Day Spa. In this great city you can also find some more specialized and narrow focus beauty salons. There are salons that specialize in the application and use of special hair treatments to correct a variety of hair problems, including color problems and the treatment of brittle, dry and brittle hair. These salons are great for getting more intense help for hair problems.

Another great type of Coral Gables Beauty Parlour is one that specializes in artificial hair extensions and hairpieces. The professionals who work in this type of hairdressing salon must not only be experts with a firm hand and a lot of patience, but they must also be experts in color, matching the color of artificial hair exactly with the color of natural hair.

If you’re not sure where to look or how to get started finding the perfect Coral Gables Beauty Parlour for you, call a few local establishments to have a professional offer a consultation and talk more about what they can do for you. Discovering the many types of services available and making sure you choose the right place to achieve a new look is a lot of fun when it comes to choosing a Coral Gables hair style!


Article:Beauty Shop and Beauty Parlour

Advice from D.Mallett Beauty Shop and Beauty Parlour

Long hair after 50

D.Mallett has traveled with Demi Moore as a personal stylist and I can’t resist asking her about that unwritten rule that women over 50 must follow. “I really dislike the idea that, at a certain age, you have a certain look. I like the idea that women need to develop their own sense of beauty and work with good professionals to guide them to get the best look for themselves. But I don’t think that because you’re 60 you have to cut your hairs and I think that one of the biggest mistakes women make is thinking that they have reached a certain age and have to cut it short. I think it’s stupid and ugly that they end up with those ‘practical’ and ‘comfortable’ haircuts that make you look older and not sexy.

Long haircut can be very pretty even when you’re very old. For me, it’s one of the biggest mistakes hairdressers make,”he explains. passionate

About (very) short haircur

“I think every woman should try a very short style sometime in her life. Not because of the look but also because of the feel, knowing what it’s like to wear short hair and wash short hair. Because it’s a different feeling,” explains Mallett. .

“Very short haircut and very long haircut are almost the same. Women with very long haircut tend to take everything back so it seems they don’t have it and in the shorts, the same thing happens,” he says while continuing to praise the shorts very short.

About gray hair

Speaking of passions, Mallet confesses that he adores silver gray color. “A lot of hairdressers should stop covering gray color and allow women to have it.

Silver white is one of the most beautiful and white color with blue eyes is beautiful to me, especially with olive skin,” relates the hairdresser.

And she can’t resist telling a little anecdote from her recent trip to southern Italy where she came across an 80-year-old woman with very dark skin, blue eyes, black eyebrows and long white haircut. “I thought it would be a crime to change her color because you wouldn’t see who she is,” says Mallett. Still, understand that a young woman wants to hide her gray color.

About artificial colors

“I am not crazy about artificial color. I can have fun with an eccentric color, I can find a woman beautiful with a very crazy color but, in general, I like soft, muted tones and colors that are soft and a little washed out I tend to prefer colors that are not very dull but a little washed out a week later, “he replies.

On the season cut (and the death of the bob)

“Last season we did a lot of short haircut but this has completely stopped. The women have decided to grow it but I think it is because of the arrival of summer,” says Mallet. After all, this is the season when you most want to have enough hair to be able to pick it up and experiment with braids in all its forms.

It is logical to have a guru like D.Mallet in front of her and ask her about the haircut of the season. “What we’re doing the most in Paris, right now, is shoulder length, slightly longer bobs. We’re doing them like crazy,” he explains. But it is not the classic bob that is very long in the front, but rather one a little more square, slightly weathered at the ends but not too much and that reaches the height of the clavicle.

At the time of naming it, he himself does not know exactly whether to call it a midi long bob or a lob – something that, as a beauty editor, comforts me a lot.

And we keep talking about the coloring: “a little darker at the root, a little lighter in the middle and slightly lighter at the ends but not at all like a ‘tie and dye’ which is just the opposite. It’s very pastel, We always put a pigment on top of the hair where we make the color look faded and a bit old, it’s like a watercolor. Every time wehighlight a very flatcolor we tend to work more with balayage because I hate stripy highlights, ‘zebra highlights ‘or that look like the print of a tiger, I hate them “, sentence. As he explains himself, the dyed manes that come out of his living room havea double life: on the one hand, when they leave the Beauty Shop and, on the other, when when washing them at home, they begin to get lighter.

On the dark roots

“When I started my business, women would go to the hairdresser to get their roots dyed. Now we make the roots darker but on purpose,” explains Mallett. This new capillary trend allows it to grow without fear of the classic fringe that indicates that the time has come to go to the hairdresser and, as he himself says, allows the hair to be given identity. “Sometimes when you stain the roots too light, you can make a person look sick.”

About the French mane

In the end, Mallet explains, what all women want is good vibes. And, precisely, French women are the perfect clients of their styling products because they love the movement in their haircut and because they are super easy to use. “What most French women want is that ‘bedroom look’.

They don’t use brushes, they use their hands,” she reveals. And she sums up the French attitude: “they like to believe that they don’t care.” In other words, Mallet explains, it never seemsthat they have just spent 5 hours in your living room. “The cut is super important, the color is super important but the final texture never has to be as if they had just come out of the Beauty Shop, because it is not cool,” he says.

Speaking of French manes, one of my great icons and latest haircut obsession comes to mind, Léa Seydoux. When she tells me she’s a client of hers, it’s like D. Mallett and I start to speak the same language. “The color was done on Saturday,” she answers without blinking. And it is that the desired haircut that the actress wore at the last Cannes Film Festival is the work of one of her hairdressers, Etienne, and her colorist, Sonia. And he only has words of affection for her: “She is emblematic in terms of what we represent. It is not a crazy color or a silly haircut, it is stylish and very simple. It is what our brand represents.

It is our brand of the house “, he says convinced. She does not hesitate to confess to me that the actress came to her Beauty Shop for the first time when she was very young with a long haircut with black bangs so I realize that I am in front of the real instigator of the look that we have so many times venerated in the newsroom.

About her amazing beauty products

One of the highlights of the interview was when D. Mallett laid herexpert hands on my haircut to try some of her revered hair products. From the Volume Powder, which is applied to the roots when the hair looks deflated, or the Salt Spray – I confess that it is my favorite without pouting – to create the waves of that desired ‘bed hair’. Much of the secret of their products, in addition to their magnificent result, is that they are not sticky and their aroma is almost imperceptible, something very important for their customers. “French women would not accept it,” Mallett admits. But the serum is the authentic bestseller of its firm, a product that I do not advise as it is only indicated for long, dry, thick, damaged by dye or that need an extra shine.

About the bangs

“I like doing them, we don’t do many at the moment but wait 3 months, it could be a trend again. I think I’m very good at doing them,” she confesses laughing. Her definition of modern bangs is the one she performs the most in her Beauty Shop in Paris: square and open at the center and longer at the ends, in true Brigitte Bardot style. A little more 60s and also cooler, a trend that he thinks we will see a lot going into winter. When I ask her about the super short bangs we’ve seen on the runway for next season, her opinion (and her grin) changes completely: “I think they can be really ugly and make girls look really stupid. It can be funny in a model or in a photo from Vogue Italia but, in real life, short bangs can make you look too childish or a little girl who has made a mistake with the scissors, “she says.

On how to prolong the coloring

I say goodbye to D. Mallett but, before she invites me to her Beauty Shop in Paris for the third time – I am not lacking, Mallet! – I explain that my red hair does not last more than two weeks. “The best thing you can do is ask your colorist to mix some of the pigments from your dye into your shampoo or mask. So when you wash it at home, put the pigment back on,” he reveals with a smile. “When are you coming to Paris then?” He asks. Tôt ou tard!

Source: Vogue


Article: Tips before going to the Beauty Shop

What should I do before going to the Beauty Shop?

We share with you the checklist that you should check before going to the Beauty Shop or beauty salon.

If you are one of those who always ends up stuck with the Beauty Shop because he never leaves you as you want, perhaps what you are missing is to prepare before visiting him. Here we tell you how:

  • Make an appointment

No matter how early you arrive at the Beauty Shop, if you are the first client of the day or if you are already so assiduous that they greet you with a kiss, get used to making an appointment, that way they will attend you faster, because you will not waste time in the salon. wait, and they’ll spend more time on you.

  • Be punctual

If you made an appointment, be on time, and if you can’t make it, cancel in advance; Keep in mind that they are ceasing to attend other people to save your quota, the least you should do is not abuse that trust.

  • Don’t come with filthy Scalp

We know that many times they recommend you not to wash your Scalp before a treatment, but that is not why you should arrive with your Scalp unpleasantly filthy or smelling disgusting; remember, you can have clean Scalp even if you haven’t washed it that day.

  • Do your homework

If you already know what you want to do in your head, make things easier for your stylist by being clear and hopefully showing her a photo of how you want to look. If you don’t know what to do to yourself and ask her for advice, trust her skills and professionalism.

  • Keep it real

Do not ask for the impossible. Stylists are image specialists but not magicians. Regarding cut and color you should know that there is a limit with which it must be worked. The same applies to nails, wax, etc.

  • Be honest

If they ask you if you have a tincture or any treatment and how long ago you had it, answer truthfully, as the result may vary according to these data; If you are not sincere and things go wrong, it will be your fault.

  • Take time

Even if you have made an appointment, keep in mind that your image takes time. Don’t expect them to do everything to you in half an hour, or at least, lower your expectations about the result if you want them to attend you expressly.

  • Wear loose

Even if you have planned to pay with debit or credit, you should always have loose, because it is very well seen to leave a tip to the people who attend you; remember that many of them earn only a percentage of what you pay.

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Article: Beauty Salon Coral Gables

What should I do before going to a Beauty Salon Coral Gables?

To find a Beauty Salon Coral Gables, you must to consider several things first to make a decision.

You must to consider that the Stylists have experience which is important at the moment to make the choice who is going to take care of your Stylists needs.

You must to consider that the ambient will be agreable, which will do your experience more pleasant.

You must to consider that the products will be used have a good quality, which will give you the security that only the best products will be applied to you.

These are very important reasons to chose a “beauty salon Coral Gables“.

We hope these tips will help you to take a good decision at the moment to find a Beauty Salon Coral Gables.

At Siutse we are ready to help you with your needs concerning:
Beauty Salon Coral Gables

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