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Micro Beads Hair Extensions System

Siutse is a full Service Hair Salon, specialized in: Hair Colouring, Hair Extensions, Keratin Treatment, Hair Botox, Relaxers and more...
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Keratin Hair Extensions System

Micro Beads


Made out of natural Remy human hair, micro beads extensions is the best choice when it comes to giving your hair total freedom without loosing its natural look.


Pull it up, make it into a bun, brush it, wash it, you name it! With the best micro beads extensions in Miami available here, everything is possible.


Micro beads hair extensions are attached to the client’s natural hair using a copper micro ring to keep the extension in place. Copper micro rings are longer than traditional micro rings in length, but the metal is thinner and lighter. Because of the added length, copper micro rings grip very well and doesn’t slip.


Why copper micro rings?


Copper is softer and a softer metal is more comfortable if you have a sensitive scalp.
Its longer length keeps it from slipping.


Installation, benefits and care:


The installation process takes about one hour and thirty minutes. The micro beads extensions are placed on the back of the client’s head and scattered around the sides so the result is natural. For regular applications, we use hair locks.


The benefits of using micro beads extensions are that these are applied without the use of heat or adhesive bond, making it always the first choice for clients concerned about adhesives or keratin bonding. Also, micro bead extensions can be reused.


With adjustment and the proper maintenance, micro beads extensions can last up to 3 months. The removal takes about 25 minutes without any hair damage or pain.


Siutse is Not only a hair salon but a place specialized in hair extension beauty supply, featuring the finest quality natural human hair extensions.


We would love to get to know you at our Hair Extensions Salon in Miami, please Feel free to stop by our Hair Extension Salon & Store anytime.


Get you hair extensions done in a private and relaxing environment.


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Story About Beauty

Siutse Oil of Argain

Summer!, what a delicious season:

lots of sun, beach and sand, think of tanned bodies, long hair and lots of fun.

Sounds like fun, right? But not everything is rosy, especially for our hair.

Both sun and salt water favor dryness and the dreaded split ends. The market is flooded with products for these ills.

But almost all of them have something in common: (chemical products that in the long run do more harm than good.)

Now if we move to Morocco, we will find a wonderful 100% organic oil.

For thousands of years, argan oil has been used in Morocco.

For them it is not something new, nor a passing fad. Why is this oil so wonderful?

Argan oil is rich in vitamin E, and essential fatty acids such as omega 6, all of this nourishes and promotes growth
of strong and silky hair. It is the ideal treatment to bring dry, lifeless or damaged hair back to life.

I recommend the Arut Oil from Siutse Professional, it is 100% pure, free of sulfates, phosphates and parabens, applying the product is very easy,
From the first application a difference is noticed, the hair is more silky and easier to comb.

And the best, it is a natural product, not aggressive for health, it also has a very pleasant smell.

By. Carla P..

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